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Salon owner

Meet Frank, the seasoned industry expert and creative force behind the luxurious Frank Di Lusso Hair experience. With a remarkable 25 years of industry experience, Frank has honed his skills to excel in advanced cutting techniques and is renowned for his expertise with curly hair. His journey began at the prestigious James Kimber Hair Academy in Hammersmith, where his passion and talent earned him a nomination for London's young hairdresser of the year.

Venturing into the international arena, Frank spent six impactful years on the European art team for J Beverly Hills colour. As an international educator specialising in freehand techniques and color correction, he shared his wealth of knowledge in prominent locations such as Hollywood, Boston, Spain, Switzerland, and across the UK.

In 2002, Frank became an integral part of one of south London's most upscale destination salons. Rapidly ascending the ranks, he assumed the role of salon manager, overseeing all facets of the business. His influence extended to marketing, team education, and serving as the resident Art Director, leaving an indelible mark on the salon's creative direction.

In 2014, Frank embarked on a new chapter by opening his flagship salon, Frank Di Lusso Hair. Rooted in a passion for organization, he curated fashion shows, session work, and developed bespoke in-house training programs, shaping a unique and unparalleled salon experience in the leafy suburb of Carshalton.

Celebrating a decade of success with Frank Di Lusso Hair, Frank is not only the founder but also the proud owner of two in-house haircare ranges. F.D.L Haircare offers an affordable range of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products catering to all hair types. On the other hand, the Di Lusso line represents an organic haircare range crafted with the finest ingredients, promoting an ethical and sustainable approach to haircare that benefits both your hair and the planet.

Frank's commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability continues to define the Frank Di Lusso brand, making it a beacon of style and quality in the world of haircare.


Consultant/ Salon Manager

Meet Nicole, a phenomenal addition to the Frank Di Lusso Hair family who joined us in 2019.

Witnessing Nicole's rise within the FDL team has been nothing short of spectacular. As an amazing stylist, she has seamlessly integrated herself as an integral part of our close-knit family.

Nicole is not just passionate about hair; she's a technical wizard, enchanting both her colleagues and clients alike. Her natural talent for Balayage is evident every day in the salon, where she continues to shine as a true FDL star.

Nicole's commitment to her craft and the well-being of our clients is truly admirable. Her love for what she does radiates in the salon, creating an atmosphere of creativity and excellence.

Thanks to her ongoing commitment to excellence, Nicole has ascended to the role of salon manager, where she plays a pivotal role in overseeing salon operations, managing social media, and nurturing the growth of the next generation of Frank Di Lusso stylists.

We're fortunate to have Nicole as a key player in the Frank Di Lusso Hair experience, where her talent and warmth contribute to making every visit extraordinary for our cherished clients.



Meet Natasha, a valued member of the FDL team who first joined us in April 2017. After a brief sabbatical in 2023, Natasha has returned, enriching our salon with a wealth of industry knowledge accumulated throughout her career.

Renowned for her expertise, Natasha excels in advanced coloring, cutting techniques, and bridal hair. Her mastery extends to being our dedicated hair extensions specialist, showcasing a diverse skill set that enhances the overall experience at Frank Di Lusso Hair.

Having an intimate understanding of the salon's operations, Natasha seamlessly integrates her extensive career insights into the fabric of the Frank Di Lusso team. Her return brings not just a wealth of professional knowledge but also a passion for excellence, further elevating the standards of our salon.

Natasha's commitment to her craft and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of hairstyling make her an invaluable asset to the Frank Di Lusso family. We are thrilled to have her back, contributing to our mission of providing top-notch salon experiences to our cherished clients.



Introducing Fabio, the latest talent to join the Frank Di Lusso Hair team since March 2022. A distinguished graduate from Vidal Sassoon with an illustrious tenure at Tony & Guy in Gloucester Road and South Kensington, Fabio brings a wealth of experience to our salon.

With a knack for precision cutting, Fabio has honed his skills over the years, making him a specialist in crafting immaculate, tailored hairstyles. Now, as a Director at Frank Di Lusso Hair, he's set to channel his expertise to provide our fabulous clients with top-notch service and cutting-edge styles.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Fabio is a family man, bringing a warm and grounded approach to his work. His commitment to precision and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to our team.

We're delighted to have Fabio on board, and we're confident that his exceptional talents and dedication to his craft will make him a trusted name among our cherished clients at Frank Di Lusso Hair. Get ready to experience the artistry of precision cutting with Fabio as he elevates your hairstyling experience to new heights.



In the vibrant tapestry of Frank Di Lusso Hair, Lauren is a thread that adds both passion and potential to our story. In 2020, she embarked on her journey with us, becoming an integral part of the FDL family. Opting to further hone her skills, Lauren enrolled in the FDL Academy, laying the groundwork for her promising future in hairstyling.

In 2023, Lauren emerged triumphant, having completed her apprenticeship with flying colors. With newfound expertise and a thirst for creativity, she seamlessly transitioned onto the salon floor, joining the FDL styling team. Lauren's commitment to her craft is unwavering, fuelled by an endless well of potential and an unbridled passion for hairstyling.

Her journey at Frank Di Lusso Hair is a testament to her dedication, making her a true embodiment of the FDL spirit. Lauren is not just a stylist; she's FDL through and through, infusing every strand of her work with the ethos that defines our salon experience.

We're privileged to have Lauren as part of our team, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth and artistic contributions to the Frank Di Lusso Hair legacy. With Lauren, the future of FDL is as bright as the shine in our clients' hair.



Meet Billy, who joined the Frank Di Lusso Hair team in July 2021. Fresh off completing his BTEC in hairdressing at Oaks Park High, Billy brings an exciting wave of energy and creativity to our salon.

What sets Billy apart is his abundant natural creative talent. From the moment he stepped into the salon, it was evident that he possesses a raw, innate skill that sets the stage for a promising career in the world of hairstyling.

Now a qualified stylist, Billy takes his place on the salon floor, where he continues to showcase his artistic flair and passion for the craft. The best thing about Billy is his natural ability to create, innovate, and bring a fresh perspective to the team.

As we watch Billy's journey unfold, the future looks exceptionally bright for his career at Frank Di Lusso Hair. We're thrilled to have him on board, contributing to the dynamic and creative atmosphere that defines our salon experience. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to make his mark in the world of hairdressing.



Welcome Riana, the vibrant addition to our team who joined us in February 2023. Behind her cool and quirky demeanour lies a wealth of talent and a fantastic sense of humour, making her an indispensable and delightful member of the Frank Di Lusso Hair family.

Riana's wit and charm bring a unique energy to the salon, creating an atmosphere that's not only stylish but also filled with laughter. She effortlessly weaves her personality into her work, making every interaction with her a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Currently enrolled at the prestigious Alan D Hairdressing Academy, Riana is on the path to becoming one of FDL's next-generation stylists. Alongside fellow talents Ella and Emmie, she represents the exciting future of hairstyling at Frank Di Lusso.

We're thrilled to have Riana as part of our team, and we're confident that her creativity, humor, and dedication will contribute to the vibrant and dynamic spirit that defines the Frank Di Lusso Hair experience. Watch out for Riana as she becomes a key player in shaping the next chapter of style and innovation at FDL



Meet Emmie, a familiar face at the salon for the past two years, where she started her journey as a Saturday assistant. However, Emmie's connection with Frank Di Lusso goes back to her childhood, where, as a client getting her hair cut, she would often declare to Frank that she would work here one day.

Now, that day has arrived. Starting full-time in September 2023 and simultaneously enrolled at the prestigious Alan D Hairdressing Academy, Emmie is set to fulfill her long-cherished dream of working on the salon floor alongside the senior team.

Her enthusiasm and passion for the craft are palpable, and witnessing Emmie's potential unfold is nothing short of remarkable. With her infectious energy and a genuine love for hairstyling, Emmie is poised to make a significant impact at Frank Di Lusso Hair.

Join us in welcoming Emmie to the salon floor, where her journey from a childhood dream to a skilled stylist in the making is set to unfold. With every snip and style, Emmie is sure to bring her unique flair and dedication, making her an invaluable addition to the Frank Di Lusso Hair family.



Meet Ella, our aspiring stylist who made her entrance into the Frank Di Lusso Hair team in March 2023. With dreams of becoming one of the next-generation stylists to graduate from the FDL Academy, Ella brings a contagious love and passion for hair to our salon.

Ella officially began her exciting journey with us in October 2023, marking the commencement of her enrollment at The Alan D Hairdressing Academy. As she embarks on this path of education and skill development, we're eager to witness Ella's growth and transformation into a future star within our salon.

Her genuine enthusiasm for hairstyling and commitment to learning make Ella a perfect fit for the Frank Di Lusso family. We anticipate that her creativity and dedication will add a fresh and dynamic energy to our salon, enriching the overall experience for both our team and cherished clients.

Join us in welcoming Ella as she embarks on her journey towards becoming a standout stylist at Frank Di Lusso Hair. With her passion and potential, Ella is poised to make a significant impact on the future of hairstyling at FDL.



Meet Matilda, our vibrant team member who brought her passion for hair to our salon in December 2023. Despite still being in school, Matilda possesses a genuine determination to carve her path as a future hairdresser. Every Saturday, she eagerly immerses herself in the world of hairstyling, learning the tricks of the trade and contributing her boundless energy to our salon team.

Matilda's love for hair is palpable, and her dreams of becoming a full-fledged hairdresser are as infectious as her enthusiasm. With each snip and style, she is paving the way toward fulfilling her ambitious goal. We're excited to be part of Matilda's journey as she transforms her dreams into reality, one strand at a time. Join us in supporting Matilda as she blossoms into a skilled and passionate hair artist.


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